Sound Design

Let us know your idea and we will design a custom sound to your production, we know you have some sounds in your mind, and we will find them, as a proof of it we´re always able to do a test of  one minute or more of free sound design for you.

Our sound production workflow makes us take advantage with the acquired mechanisms/team skills in each phase of production, that means a reduction of costs and time.

Our point is create the most immersive and realist experience to the viewer feel, that may being avoid absorbed his own by the image action, with the creation of custom sfx, foley, synthetisers, sound generators and the use of the most successful sound libraries we got the realism desired in any production.

  • Sound edition.
  • Dialog cleaning.
  • Custom and library sound effects and music.
  • Foley and SFX.
  • Background creation.
  • Sound design of especial plots (robots, aliens, spaceships…)
  • Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and audio 3D mix.
  • Flat rate option